Energy optimisation of building envelopes or structural members depending on economical or ecological premise

The optimisation is based on a planned building envelope which is accepted in principle. The mean U – value [W/m2K] due to fixed insulation material and thickness is known for each structural member. The required (calculable) grey energy and the costs for the used insulation materials are also known.

The optimisation aims to observe this (accepted) mean U – value for the opaque building envelope even with less insulation material. Optimisation goal: reduction of grey energy or reduction of insulation costs. demo grey energy (in german)
demo costs (in german)

An alternative optimisation goal may consist in the reduction of the set mean U – value – either concerning the required grey energy or material costs – by optimising the thickness of the fixed insulation layers under the condition of the same (accepted) required insulation.
demo grey energy (in german)
demo costs (in german)

Both optimisations help to save up to 5 to 15% of the energy without any additional investment according to statistical experiences! If the client wants to use a special insulation material for a specific structural member, this can be respected. The reductions derive exclusively because of the advantegeous thicknesses of layers among the fixed materials.